Trail Grazers


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Snacking is wonderful. We all do it. Yet why, if you’re vegan, do people assume you’ll be happy with a box of seeds? Grazing, the pastime of many a wonderful creature, seems to have morphed into depressing compartments of dry husk that even a discerning hamster would find uninspiring.

And just because you don’t drink alcohol, why should you have to plump with pop? We’ve found some legends of the scene whose mission is to bring all the sophistication, craft and fun associated with artisan booze to grown-up soft drinks: zero-alcohol, naturally low-sugar beverages, which you can enjoy to your heart’s (and head’s) content.

This collection of tantalising treats is proof that, with a bit of care, vegan, no-alcohol treats can be every bit as yummy as their buttery, boozy bedfellows. Step into previously uncharted territory.


1 x Harding Gomez Magnetic Closing Gift Box With Wine Sleeve
1 x Harding Gomez Sender Greeting Card
1 x Punchy Drinks Blood Orange 250ml
1 x Punchy Drinks Yuzu Cucumber 250ml
1 x Ocelot Blood Orange Dark Chocolate 70g
1 x Coco Chocolatier Passion Fruit 80g
1 x Mr Filbert’s Olives 65g
1 x Tartuflanghe Truffle Crisps 45g
1 x Joe & Seph’s Vegan Salted Caramel Popcorn 45g
1 x Pri’s Chocolate Puddings 40g
1 x Lottie Shaw Raisin Biscuits 180g
1 x Soho Drinks Apple, Honey & Lemon 250ml
1 x Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon Sweets 125g



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If on the rare occasion we are out of stock on a particular product we will replace this with a suitable alternative product of equal or higher value.