The Outrage

Hi, I'm Will! Working in the wine trade and frankly fed up with seeing uninspiring, dreary gifts full of cheap plonk and miserable jars of quince jelly, I wanted to shake things up. Seeing people’s reactions to the unappetising granny jams in fuddy-duddy hampers, I just knew that the products would end up in the back of people’s cupboards and not discovered again until years after their expiry dates.

The Revelation

I started creating my own gifts, full of colour and consisting of tantalising products I would want to buy and tuck in to aimed at a more product conscious generation. We wanted sell-by-dates to become irrelevant; our gifts should be irresistible. Quince jelly’s time was up!

Testing out my creations on family and friends; as well as a wonderful corporate order from a well-known London football club, I decided to take the plunge and launch my own food-and-drink gifting business, which was originally named 'Château Forty-Five': an adult online playground of pure yumminess!

Harding Gomez

Now known as 'Harding-Gomez', we sell a range of bespoke hampers as well as awesome gifts within our expanding online shop. You can interact with us directly on Instagram and have your say as to the gifts we should sell in our weekly vote: Your opinion matters most.

Come along for the ride. Best-before-ends have reached their sell-by-date!

Love Will & the team x