Blueberry & Gin Gourmet Marshmallows


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They say the average person thinks about sex every six seconds. For us, it's these marshmallows that keep popping into our heads. And with good reason.

Hand-poured marshmallows crafted from blueberries, organic herbs and a good nip of Sipsmith gin? No wonder we can’t stop thinking about them.

With no colourings, no artificial flavours and nothing nasty, these beauties are made using fruit and organic herbs in an artisan bakery. After being sprinkled with beautiful toppings (blueberry crumb in this case), these stunning marshmallows are packaged into luxurious gold-foiled boxes to top off a beautiful, hand-crafted boutique gift.





1 x 6 Blueberry & Gin Gourmet Marshmallows 120g

They are egg white, dairy & gluten free - suitable for pescatarians

Fish gelatine, may contain traces of nuts, contains traces of alcohol